Self Drive

  • Day1

    Loire upriver from Orleans

    In this first day you will visit some chateaux and historic monuments upriver from Orleans. Gien, this little town was built atop a hill overlooking the river. It is well renowned for its earthenware factory founded back in 1820 as well as its red-bricked castle harboring the international hunting museum.....

  • Day2

    Castles of Chambord, Cheverny and visit of Blois

    True Mecca of the French Renaissance, embodiment of the royal power of François I before Louis XIV, the Chambord castle never ceased fascinating its hosts and visitors, today as much as five centuries ago.........

  • Day3

    Chaumont castle and the town of Amboise

    Overlooking the Loire River from atop a cliff, the Castle of Chaumont used to be a fortress built during the X century. Demolished by Louis XI in 1465, it was then rebuit and modified several times in the following centuries. The interiors are richly furnished and decorated......

  • Day4

    Chenonceau castle and the old town of Tours

    Erected on the Cher River, atop an old windmill’s foundation, the Chenonceau castle is a true illustration of the Renaissance era’s architecture. A ladies castle according to French history since they supervised its construction embellished it and saved it from the French Revolution’s damages.....

  • Day5

    Castles of Villandry, Langeais, Azay le Rideau and Ussé

    You will leave Tours by the riverbanks, first the Loire river’s then the Cher’s, in order to reach Villandry The chateau was erected around 1536 and is the last of the big castles built on the Loire riverbanks during the Renaissance era.....

  • Day6

    Beaune, Meursault

    Let the day start by a quaint visit of Chinon, an ancient medieval city that is home to numerous remains from its rich past. Located atop a hillside overlooking the Vienne River, the castle spreads over 400 meters.......

  • Day7

    Saumur, church of Cunault, castles of Brissac, Serrant and Plessis-Bourré

    Saumur is a beautiful town with a magnificent chateau overlooking the river Loire. It is one of the rare chateaux that displays 14th century architecture, what came at the end of the Middle Ages and before the Renaissance......

  • Day8


    The town spreads on both side of the Maine region and holds a very rich architectural patrimony. The Angers castle is set atop a rocky headland, ancient Gallo-Roman site, overlooking the Maine......


  • The Loire Valley has seen many of France’s kings pass through its territories. Listed with UNESCO as a World Heritage site, it is one of the rare places in the world where one finds magnificent chateaux, mansions, churches and abbeys in such quantity, giving testimony to an intense and rich spiritual and cultural life, as well as an art de vivre that has continued throughout the centuries.

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